Passionate about creating the Artificial General Intelligence Technology for Space Robots of the Future.

Our Mission

To Create and lead Brain-as-a-Service Industry

We are bringing the machine brain, the core tech behind robotics, to businesses under BaaS model.

It is the beginning of the end of bots.

Ultimate Vision

To revolutionize the technology behind Robotics using Artificial Intelligence with the ultimate goal of accelerating the Colonization of Space

... and save the Human Race from Extinction due to Zombie Apocalypse :)

From The Founders

Our technology will be the enabler for the Robots who will colonize the space first, and build it for us. We call it Robolization - Robotic Colonization of Space.

Meet The Founders

Nishant (L) is a computer scientist par excellence.
Alok (M) is man with the vision.
Mayank (R) is a Mathematician to the core of his heart.

Short History

Olbrain, Inc. has been founded to revolutionize the Space Tech through AI. It's going to be a long journey full of hiccups, but we are determined to keep working.

  1. 1

    Founded the Company

    Founded the Company with a vision and launched the website

  2. 2

    Registered the Company

    Registered Olbrain, Inc. as Delaware C Corp.

  3. 3

    Won Prestigious Award

    Achieved 1st Rank in 2019 Animal-AI Olympics in Numerosity Category. Organized by the University of Cambridge. The competition was a test of AGI.

  4. 4

    Launched Olbrain BaaS (Beta)

    Launched API of Machine Brain for businesses under Brain-as-a-Service (BaaS) Model, with one micro-skill, targeting Online Dating Industry.

We are not a research company

We believe problem of building Artificial General Intelligence for Space Robots - the core tech behind the Machine Brain - is an engineering problem and not a research one.