Achieve above human level Accuracy with Olbrain BaaS!

Human Brain overlooks, Machine Brain Doesn't.

Say no to Manual Screening of Images

Filter, Flag, and Automate Screening of Images!

PEW Research Reports that as many as 72% users say daters need to look at profiles. Increase the viewership by automating and stopping unwanted images!

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Happy Customers - Happy Business!

Matchmaking companies have at least 30% of non-compliant Profile Images. Increase customer happiness by clearing the clutter upfront and scale your quality support with Machine Brain, an award winning AI technology.

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All tools in one place - Integrate Olbrain with your existing CRM!

Olbrian offers easy API integration to your existing processes - Now sit back and enjoy the power of AI automation with just a few clicks.

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Sample Images Processed

Visual Content Moderation Microskill of Olbrain BaaS classifies images in six classes - Text on Image, Cartoon, Non-Human, Multiple Humans, Male, Female

Text on Image
Cartoon Image
Non Human
Multiple Humans

Olbrain is learning more classes as we speak. All classes olbrain learns would instantly be available to you through your Access Portal for free.

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Access Portal to Olbrain

Video of Access Portal Tutorial - A Quick Watch

All control in your hands

Pricing plan

Most fair pricing plan!

14 Days Free Trial. No upfront capital expenditure. Pay per Use.

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One Plan for All

Monthly Package


Billed Monthly

50k images free per month
$0.015 per extra image
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Our Pre-Beta customers who configured Microskills for HealthTech, EduTech, and InsurTech.

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partner 2
partner 3

Olbrain reads Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits automatically and has matched human level accuracy - 98.7%. These kits are being used in 22 states in India.

Radha Rangarajan
CSO @HealthCube

Olbrain automatically indexes our online-class videos making them searchable almost in real-time. Very robust with great efficiency.

Jitendra Singh
CTO @TalentSprint

I'm impressed with how well Olbrain's neural networks are able to perform classification of different models of cars at above human level accuracy.

Ravinder Kumar
CEO @Wimwisure